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Business Policies

Privacy Policy

All information provided to Pattinson & Milburn Training Limited (Care and Business Solutions) (including email addresses) is collected purely for communication between ourselves and its customers. Pattinson & Milburn will never sell or otherwise disclose your email address or other personal information to any third parties

Terms & Conditions

What we will provide: fees are negotiable and pay for the facilitator’s time and any learning materials (as appropriate and unless otherwise arranged).

What we ask you to provide: A suitable venue, refreshments and lunch (if appropriate) for delegates and the facilitator (this can be arranged by us should you require this) flip chart with fresh flip chart pad. We will provide the data projector and laptop at no extra cost should this facility not be available at the venue of your choice.

Expenses: Our expenses are charged at cost, which means that we will only pass on to you what we incur through delivering our service to you. In respect of travel this is usually via second class rail fare and taxis to and from hotels, stations and venues. However, if public transport is impractical or we can get to you more easily by car, we charge £0.45p per mile. If you are wishing for us to deliver courses within 50 miles of our Newton Aycliffe base, we will use cars, however, further field we would tend to use trains. All travel arrangements would be discussed with you as part of our negotiations to ensure that we provide you with the most cost effective options.

Cancellation Terms: Please note that from the moment you book us we are likely to be turning other customers away for the date or dates arranged with yourselves. Due to this we will have to charge for late cancellations and our fees are detailed below:

  • For cancellations up to 5 working days before the event – 100% of the agreed fee.
  • For cancellations up to 10 working days before the event - 75% of the agreed fee.
  • For cancellations up to 15 working days before the event - 50% of the agreed fee.
  • For cancellations up to 20 working days before the event - 25% of the agreed fee.

Please note that rather than implementing our cancellation policy we will endeavor to find an alternative training date with you so that we can postpone your event rather than cancel it outright. However, if this is not possible then unfortunately the cancellation fees as stated above in point 4 would be payable. Please also note that any rearranged events must be held within 3 months of the original agreed date.

Should you cancel the rearranged event, irrespective as to when you cancel, you will become liable for the original proportion of the fee that would have been due from your cancellation of the original event. In other words, if the rearranged event does not take place, this means that the original event was not in fact postponed, but cancelled and so the original cancellation terms therefore apply.